FSW – Education

Points for Education – FSW

(Maximum 25 points)

Selection points can be earned for your education.

To obtain points, it is necessary to:

  • prove that you earned a Canadian diploma or certificate, OR
  • have an agency approved by CIC evaluate your foreign education and show that it is valid and equal to a completed Canadian credential.

On the time of your application, your Canadian credential or your foreign credential and Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report must be included in the application.

Education Maximum 25 Points
University degree at the Doctoral (PhD) level or equal 25
University degree at the Master’s level or equal ORUniversity level entry-to-practice professional degree (or equal). Occupation related to the degree must be:

  • NOC 2011 Skill Level A, and
  • licensed by a provincial regulatory body.

Note: Degree program must be in one of these fields of study: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Optometry, Law, Chiropractic Medicine, or Pharmacy.

Two or more Canadian post-secondary degrees or diplomas or equal (at least one must be for a program of at least three years) 22
Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma for a program of three years or longer, or equal 21
Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma for a two-year program, or equal 19
Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma for a one-year program, or equal 15
Canadian high school diploma, or equal 5


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