Are you an International Student wishing to become a Pilot in Canada ?

Canada and specially its province, province of British Columbia are famous for International Students who are drawn to take flight training. Simply because of the high standards of Canadian ICAO Licenses training, complying with the requirements of all industry norms, beautiful weather and making it the world’s safest and not so expensive country, to name a few.

For many kids learning to fly or to be called CAPTAIN is a dream and a challenge they aspire to accomplish. Flying or becoming a pilot is not only fun or name tag with CAPTAIN in it, but it can lead to an interesting career and travel opportunities such as becoming a commercial pilot and working for a major airline.

Flight Training courses are Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Single Engine Instrument Rating, Multi Engine Instrument Rating, Flight Instructor Rating etc. (We can offer Diploma too for the full 2 years of Pilot Training)

Conversion of your License from other countries is possible too.

We at WSIC can help International Students to apply for Study Permit.

If you have general questions contact WSIC to find more details, or click here to set up an online Initial Consultation of minimum of 45 mins, for program requirements, study permit, accommodation, fees for the program, details about after finishing program, when can you apply for permanent residence, getting job etc etc.